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Parallel Passions A Life Together in Archaeology: Papers in Honor of Karl W. Laumbach and Toni S. Laumbach was edited by Emily J. Brown, Carol J. Condie, and Helen K. Crotty, Papers of The Archaeological Society of New Mexico, No. 43, 2017.

This volume consists of papers on various locations including Cochiti, the Pajarito Plateau, Colfax County, the Rio Grande Abajo and Rio Gila Arriba, Chaco Canyon, the southern Acoma province, Texas, and central New Mexico. Topics include rock art recording, the Cochiti Reservoir project, a history of Fort Bliss, ethnology and linguistic studies at Chaco Canyon, a Pilares Phase community, a 1795 Spanish expedition, great houses at Chaco Canyon, Mimbres bowl use and wear, and a discussion on Mimbres Mogollon people on the Rio Grande.

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