Aspen CRM Solutions is a woman-owned, small business specializing in cultural resource management.  The
firm has a proven ability to manage and field a team of professionals to accommodate projects of all sizes and
scopes.  The smaller company size means lower overhead costs, and we pass that savings along to our clients. 
Among the services we offer are:

Cultural Resource Management

     •  Archaeological Surveys (large and small)
     •  Archaeological Site Documentation, Evaluation, Relocation, and Monitoring
     •  Historic Structure Documentation and Evaluation
     •  Archaeological Testing, Excavation, and Data Recovery
     •  Condition Assessments for Archaeological Sites and Historic Structures (including emergency post-
          fire assessments)
     •   Cultural Resource Management Plans
     •   Archival Research
     •   National Register of Historic Places Nominations
     •   Historic Resource Studies
     •   GIS datasets of site locations and conditions
     •   Creating GIS datasets by digitizing historic data

Regulatory Compliance

     •    National Historic Preservation Act (Section 106)
     •    National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
     •    Section 4F (U.S. DOT Act)
     •    State and Local government cultural resource compliance
     •    Tribal Consultation

Aspen CRM Solutions

Aspen CRM Solutions--archaeology, historic preservation, national register evaluation and nominations, and other aspects of cultural resource management

Past Clients Include:

Bandelier National Monument
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Big Bend National Park
Fort Davis National Historic Site
Chickasaw National Recreation Area
Death Valley National Park
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Pecos National Historical Park
Aztec Ruins National Monument
National Park Service Intermountain
Support Office-Santa Fe
NM. Association of Conservation Districts
Bureau of Land Management
Office of Archaeological Studies in the New
Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs
Psomas, Enola Contracting Services Inc.
Ercon, Inc., GL Environmental, Inc.
and other private sector firms
We are listed on the General Services
Administration (GSA) schedule for Special
Item Numbers (SINs) 899-1 and 899-1 RC
Environmental Planning Services and
Documentation (including Disaster Recovery
We’re green!  Our home office is completely powered by solar energy, and in fact we generate more electricity than we use (the extra power goes back into the grid).  When possible, we drive our gas-sipping plug-in Prius to our job sites.  We recycle paper and as many office products as we can, and our reports are printed on 100% acid free recycled paper with Xerox’s eco-friendly solid inks (no toner cartridges end up in the landfill).  The office coffee and tea are fair trade and organic.