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The report is outstanding; well organized, well summarized and well synthesized. I think you captured the tribal and community concerns surprisingly well and accurately. Distilling enough to help guide management was a difficult challenge and what you provided will be a strong guide. Adding your understanding of agency mandates and requirements makes it more robust and reflects what we deal with daily. I was especially pleased to see your team’s recommendations. The report will be a valuable references for those who follow on the project and in the area.

U.S. Forest Service

Thank you for getting both projects done so fast, I really like working with your crew. You all are very efficient at what you do and very professional. Both of the ranchers were very happy with how well and quick everything went.

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Having touched all my pedantic bases, I must say that you guys did a hell of a good job getting this done – the obvious attention to all the niggling details of what you encountered, and keeping track of the boatload of IOs, individual artifacts, and getting it all rendered onto paper is impressive. Well done.

State of New Mexico

The report was very well written!

ProSource Technologies, LLC

I do love your reports because they are so clear, complete, and detailed.

Faculty MemberUniversity of Oklahoma

I find your reports to be very well written, organized, and thought-out. They are usually the “easiest” for me to review. Very well put together, descriptive, and excellent quality (not to mention your quick turnaround time).

Natural Resources Conservation Service

It was a pleasure working with you and your team in the field, great learning experience for me!

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Just glancing at the report already leaves me with the clear impression that you have done a lot of work in its preparation. I appreciate your efforts.

Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Thank you…you have really gone above and beyond on this project.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
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