Why Use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles?

UAVs are proving to be powerful new tools for archaeologists and resource managers. Their aerial photographs accurately map complex sites and landscapes, allow you to identify features visible from the air, and can be used to document large-scale excavations or create baseline environmental and site data for long-term monitoring. Equipped with multispectral cameras, they help you locate subsurface cultural features and quickly and easily map vegetation. Employing LiDAR units, they map subtle features often not visible on the ground and locate things hidden by thick vegetation in conventional aerial photographs.

UAVs offer key advantages over traditional archaeological aerial imaging particularly in their ability to cover large areas at a fixed altitude and speed under a wide range of wind and weather conditions. Their flexibility and speed offer you significant potential cost savings in person hours and equipment fees relative to conventional survey and mapping techniques and other forms of aerial photography.

Why Use Aspen?

Aspen CRM Solutions delivers highly accurate topographical data to surveyors in the cultural resource, engineering, mining, and agricultural communities. We combine high resolution aerial photography with precision GPS data to generate georectified orthophoto maps, digital elevation models, and 3D point clouds. We utilize rotary and fixed wing craft and provide certified photogrammetrists and UAV pilots.

Our Aerial Mapping Services

3D Modeling + Mapping
Capture your reality. Conceptualize your next design project or monitor your surroundings in virtual space with interactive 3D models generated from thousands of high resolution photographs and geolocation data.

Digital Surface & Terrain Modeling
We produce CAD and GIS compatible digital elevation, surface, and terrain models useful for cultural resource managers, designers, engineers, and land managers. Visualize archaeological site conditions and drainage plans, survey quarries and landfills, or conduct a flood risk assessment.

Environmental Analysis
Compute vegetation indices and generate reflectance maps with NDVI for a low cost environmental health monitoring solution useful in pre/post construction vegetation analysis and environmental impact reporting.

Georeferenced Orthophotos
Our orthophoto collection services are capable of generating less than 2 cm per pixel, with accuracies sufficient for 1-foot contours when combined with ground control reference points.

Stockpile + Volumetric Analysis
UAV-based surveying enables precise measurements and stockpile volume calculations by converting high resolution imagery into 3D point clouds, orthophotos, and digital surface models.

Precision Agriculture
UAVs enable farmers to identify stressed crops with ease. Monitor hundreds of acres per day for biomass, plant growth, crop discrimination, and leaf area indexing in real time, thereby boosting yields, cutting costs, and driving return on investment.